Best New Features of Microsoft Project 2013

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There are several new features in Microsoft Project 2013. The first noticeable improvements you will observe is the sharp new look. Brighter and more user friendly graphics are just the start of what Microsoft Project 2013 can offer you.

Project Data

Microsoft Project 2013 takes you to a new one-stop center of premade templates, imported information, and Gantt Charts instead of dropping you into a blank file. This new area allows you to get started quickly. You can even open previous projects and or open a new blank project from this area also. The possibilities are endless in the new center.

Better reportsYou can also create better reports than ever before with the new graphics and formatting capabilities offered by Microsoft Project 2013. Long gone are the walls of data previously seen in other versions of Project. They have been replaced by vivid charts and images that tell the story about your project when you personalize them according to the elements needed in the reports. Change the colors or add and remove what is shown. The choice is now yours with Microsoft Project 2013.

One other great new feature of Project 2013 is the capability to create vibrant and colorful burndown reports that shows your stakeholders where the project is. You can compare in vivid detail planned work, completed work, and remaining work in one vibrant picture to tell the story at a glance.

Talk to Your Team

Microsoft Project 2013 now offers the capability to talk to your team. You can do this through instant message, phone call, video chat, or email with the click of a button. You can speak to your entire team without having to leave Project 2013. The only requirement is a download of Lync 2010 or higher.
Talk to your team in Project 2013
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