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What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used software program in the World. It is used to organize, present and analyze data using spreadsheets. From a simple budget to complex analytic spreadsheets that use tools such as Pivot Tables, VLookups, and functions and formulas.

How Online Excel Training works?

Our online Excel classes are hands-on and instructor-led. Trainees connect into a virtual Zoom classroom from the comfort and safety of their home or office. Classes are 5 hours in duration. Should trainees need a refresher they have the option of repeating the class free of charge.

Onsite Microsoft Excel Training with Training Performance

By bringing our Microsoft Excel training straight to you and your team, we’re not only making things easier for you, we’re saving you money! No more lost hours sending staff to classes, and no more additional transport fees. We have a team of certified Onsite MS Office trainers who travel the country delivering top notch Excel training right to your doorstep. Obtain pricing today.

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Excel Level 1 - Introduction
1 day | Windows | Mac
Duration: 6 hours
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Course Description

On this Excel class students will learn the basics of Excel, including the Excel interface, creating basic worksheets, performing calculations and basic functions, manipulating data, formatting worksheets, managing data in large workbooks, printing from Excel and customizing the Excel environment.


No prior experience of Microsoft Excel is needed. Basic computer knowledge is required.

Target Audience

Aimed at new users of Excel.

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Lesson 1: Excel Essentials

Starting Excel
The Excel Interface
Opening a Workbook
Navigating around a Workbook
Finding Data
Entering Data
Saving and Closing a Workbook

Lesson 2: Creating Worksheets

Types of Data
Entering Text
Adjusting Column Width
Entering Numbers
Types of Formulas
Entering Formulas
About Functions
Inserting Functions
Copying and Moving Data
Copying Formulas
Absolute and Relative References

Lesson 3: Formatting

Text Formatting
Number Formatting
Text Wrapping
Merging Cell Data
Borders and Highlighting
Styles and Themes

Lesson 4: Manipulating Data

Data Entry Shortcuts
Fill and Auto Fill
Replacing Data
Paste Options
Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
Hiding Rows and Columns

Lesson 5: Charts

About Charts
Creating Charts
Chart Types and Elements

Lesson 6: Output

Managing Worksheet Windows
Freezing Panes
Printing Worksheets
Print Setup Options
Print Areas and Titles
Headers and Footers
Sharing Workbooks

Lesson 7: Settings and Templates

Workbooks Options and Properties
Working with Templates

Excel Level 2 - Intermediate
1 day | Windows | Mac
Duration: 6 hours
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Course Description

On this Intermediate Excel class students will learn to share data across multiple worksheets and workbooks, work with named ranges, filter and sort data, use PivotTables and PivotCharts, conditional formatting, advanced charting, and how collaborating with others.


Excel Level 1 or equivalent experience.

Target Audience

Existing users of Excel.

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Lesson 1: Managing Workbooks

Inserting and Deleting Worksheets
Rearranging Worksheets
Adding Hyperlinks
Linking to other Workbooks
Customizing Excel

Lesson 2: Named Ranges

Using Names in Formulas
Other ways to use Named Ranges
Naming Shortcuts
Managing Named Ranges

Lesson 3: Filtering and Sorting Data Tables

Sorting Data
Custom Sorts
Filtering Tables
Using Auto-Filter
Removing Duplicate Rows
Working with Structured References
Data Validation
Transposing Rows and Columns

Lesson 4: Summarizing Data

Consolidating Data
Using Sub-totals

Lesson 5: PivotTables

About PivotTables
Creating PivotTables
Formatting PivotTables
Manipulating PivotTables
Viewing Subsets of PivotTable Data
Adding Slicers
Creating PivotCharts

Lesson 6: Presentation Features

Conditional Formatting
Graphical Conditional Formatting
Custom Formats
Adding Graphics
Adding Smart Art

Lesson 7: Advanced Charts

Special Chart Types
Inserting Trendlines
Combination Charts
Chart Templates
Inserting Sparklines
Quick Analysis Options

Lesson 8: Collaboration

Controlling Access with Permissions
Protecting and Securing Workbooks
Shared Workbooks
Adding Comments
Tracking Changes
Merging Shared Workbooks

Excel Level 3 - Advanced
1 day | Windows | Mac
Duration: 6 hours
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Course Description

On this advanced Excel course students will learn learn advanced functions including LOOKUPS, Date and Time Functions, Text Functions, Statistical Functions, and Financial Functions. You will learn how to import and export data using the Power Pivot Data model and analysis data using What-If Analysis, Scenarios and Goal Seeker. Finally you will learn to automate tasks using Macros and capture user input using Forms.


Excel Level 2 or equivalent experience.

Target Audience

Existing users of Excel.

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Lesson 1: Logical and Lookup Functions

The IF Function
Conditional Calculations

Lesson 2: Advanced Formulas

Auditing and Error Trapping
Formula Options
Array Functions

Lesson 3: Special Functions

Date and Time Functions
Date Calculations
Text Functions
Extracting Text
Statistical Functions
Using MIN and MAX
Financial Functions
Using FV
Using PMT

Lesson 4: Importing and Exporting

The Power Pivot Data Model
Importing Data
Using Power Pivot
Exporting Data

Lesson 5: Data Analysis

What-if Analysis
Using Goal Seek
The Analysis Toolpak

Lesson 6: Macros and Forms

Recording Macros
Running Macros
Running Macros when Workbook is Open or Closed
Using Forms to Record Input

Excel Level 4 - Macros & VBA
1 day | Windows
Duration: 6 hours
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Course Description

This course will help advanced Excel users to develop new skills to write and debug powerful VBA code to automate Excel operations such as inserting and formatting text, sorting and duplicating data, generating reports and more. You’ll also learn how to create interactive forms, insert calculations and handle run-time errors


Excel Level 3 or equivalent experience.

Target Audience

Existing Excel users who need to automate daily tasks in Excel.

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Lesson 1: VBA Concepts

The Object Model Hierarchy
Understanding Object Properties, Methods and Events
VBA Module and Procedure Types

Lesson 2: Accessing VBA Functionality

Macro Security Options
Using the Macro Recorder
Writing and Editing Macros
Essential VB Editor Components
Exploring the Object Browser
Using VBA Comments and Formatting to Write Solid Code

Lesson 3: Debugging and Error Handling

Types of Programming Errors
VBE Debugging Tools
Error Handling Code

Lesson 4: Using Variables to Store Data

VBA Data Types and Naming Rules
Declaring Variables

Lesson 5: VBA Looping and Decision Structures

For...and Do...Loops for Repetitive Actions
If..then Statements
Select Case Statements

Lesson 6: User-Interactive Worksheets

Capturing User Input
Dialog Box Types

Lesson 7: Performing Calculations with VBA

Using VBA’s Built-in Functions
Writing User-Defined Functions for Custom Calculations
Code to Automate Inserting SUM Functions

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