Onsite Microsoft Office Training

Access Excel Outlook PowerPoint Project Word training

We deliver onsite Microsoft Office training directly to clients right across the country. Whether you are looking for Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project or Word training we have local certified trainers who can deliver training straight to your doorstep.

What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a suite of the World's most used desktop applications. Each program has its own unique purpose, Excel is used to analyze and present data, MS Word is used to create letters and documents, PowerPoint is used to create eye-catching presentations, Outlook is used to manage your email, Access is a powerful database program and Microsoft Project is used to help you deliver projects on time and on budget.

Does your team need Microsoft Office training?

All businesses require their employees to have some knowledge of some programs in the Microsoft Office Suite. With our onsite Microsoft Office training you can be guaranteed your staff will be more than just proficient in all the Microsoft Office applications, pitting you above the competition and enabling your operations to run more efficiently.

Our private Microsoft Office classes are a flexible and cost-effective solution

Training Performance is able to deliver hands-on onsite training in MS Office programs to employees countrywide. The classes can be fully customized to cater to the needs of teams and individuals based on their learning abilities and requirements, ensuring a personalized learning experience that leaves no one behind and promises no gaps in learning.

Bringing the Microsoft training to you is a very affordable and convenient way to give your team the skills they need to master each MS Office program. There’s no downtime and no travel costs involved; we work around your schedule, not ours! MS Office Suite training will radically boost staff productivity and performance, and we offer training in a way that works for you. Whether you have a small group or hundreds of employees or a cozy office of just a few employees, we can deliver private Microsoft Office classes at your offices or a location of your choice

Key Benefits


Onsite training is a fast and affordable way to up-skill your entire team.


Let one of our trainers come to you
We deliver training to your doorstep.


Tailor the training to meet your needs
All classes are fully customizable


"I would love to learn more from Rich. He has a skill at being clear and concise and at the same time patient and willing to elaborate. He knows his subject so well--the potential for Excel became very clear throughout the day. Great class. Definitely worth my time and my employer's money!"
Danele Butler - Helping Hand School for Autism

"I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class. The instructor made everything we were learning relate-able to "real life" which made learning Access much simpler. I know I'll be able to get back in the office tomorrow with new techniques on how to better improve our current database; making my job more fluid and efficient. Thanks!"
Monika Kirkiewicz - Family Health Network

"I really appreciate the in depth knowledge and working understanding that Pat has of Microsoft Project. His methods of imparting the knowledge to me was paced properly, in depth and detailed with out ever losing me. Truly one of the very best instructors I have taken a class from."
Debra Karas - McCain Foods Inc., USA

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