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Instructor-led Word classes delivered via Zoom webinar. Hands-on training from the comfort of your home or office.

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Group Word training delivered by a certified MS Office trainer at your location or via webinar.

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We use local trainers to deliver hands-on computer training at your company. Onsite training can be fully customized to meet your exact needs. Obtain pricing today - it is much more affordable than you think. Servicing the greater Nashville area including Huntsville, Chattanooga and Bowling Green.

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These are small instructor-led webinar classes. We use Zoom or Webex to deliver hands-on training to you in the comfort of your home or office.

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Word Level 1 - Introduction
1 day | Windows | Mac
Duration: 6 hours
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Course Description

This beginner course covers the Microsoft Word interface, how to edit documents, formatting text and paragraphs, working with tables, managing lists, inserting graphics, controlling the page appearance, adding headers and footers, watermarks and page breaks, proof reading documents and customizing the Word environment.


General proficiency with Windows or OSX

Target Audience

Aimed at new users of Word.

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Lesson 1: Opening Word

Opening Word
Using the Recent List
Opening Files
Creating a Blank Document
Creating a Document from a Template

Lesson 2: Working with the Interface

Understanding the Ribbon and the Status Bar
About Your Account
Using Backstage View
Saving Files
Closing Files
Closing Word

Lesson 3: Your First Document

Typing Text
Selecting Text with the Mouse or Keyboard
Editing and Deleting Text
Dragging and Dropping Text
Inserting a Symbol or Number
Starting a New Page

Lesson 4: Adding Tables

Insert a Table
Using Tables to Control Page Layout
Quick Tables
Inserting Word Data
Table Navigation Methods
Modify a Table
Table Selection Methods
Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
Moving and Resizing Rows and Columns
Setting Table Titles, Table Styles and Fonts

Lesson 5: Basic Editing Tasks

Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
Using Undo and Redo
Finding and Replacing Text
Setting Paste Options
Checking Your Spelling

Lesson 6: Basic Formatting Tasks

Understanding Levels of Formatting
Changing Font Face and Size
Changing the Font Color
Highlighting Text
Adding Font Enhancements

Lesson 7: Formatting Paragraphs

Changing Spacing
Setting the Alignment
Using Indents and Tabs
Adding Bullets, Numbering, and Multilevel Lists
Adding Borders and Shading
Using the Paragraph Dialog

Lesson 8: Advanced Formatting Tasks

Changing Case
Using the Format Painter
Using the Font Dialog
Clearing Formatting

Lesson 9: Working with Styles

About Styles
Applying a Style

Lesson 10: Formatting the Page

Formatting Text as Columns
Changing Page Orientation
Changing the Page Color
Adding a Page Border
Adding Headers and Footers

Lesson 11: Working with the Word Window

Using Zoom
An Overview of Word's Views
Arranging Windows
Splitting a Document
Using the Navigation Pane
Customizing the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar

Lesson 12: Advanced Editing and Formatting Tasks

Using the Office Clipboard and the Selection Pane
Using Character Borders and Shading
Enclosing characters
Showing Formatting Marks

Lesson 13: Working with Illustrations

Inserting a Picture from a File
Adding WordArt
Drawing Shapes
Inserting a Screenshot
Moving or Deleting a Picture

Lesson 14: Formatting Pictures

Using the Picture tools Tab
Adding a Border
Removing a Picture's Background
Positioning Pictures and Wrapping Text

Lesson 15: Adding Tables

Inserting a Table
Adding Text to a Table
About the Table Tools Tabs
Altering Rows and Columns
Applying a Table Style

Lesson 16: Printing and Sharing your Document

Previewing and Printing Your Document
E-Mailing Your Document

Word Level 2 - Advanced
1 day | Windows | Mac
Duration: 6 hours
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Course Description

This intermediate Word class covers working with tables and charts, styles and themes, adding graphics and SmartArt , inserting content using Quick Parts, controlling the flow of text, using templates, performing a mail merge and automating tasks using macros.


Word Level 1 or equivalent experience.

Target Audience

Existing users of Word.

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Lesson 1: Working with SmartArt

Inserting SmartArt
Adding Text to SmartArt
Using the SmartArt Tools Tabs
Moving and Deleting SmartArt
Using SmartArt Layout and Style Options

Lesson 2: Working with Document References

Inserting a Caption
Adding a Table of Contents
Adding Footnotes, Endnotes, and Citations
Managing Sources
Inserting a Bibliography
Creating an Index

Lesson 3: Reviewing Your Document

Using Define, Thesaurus and Word Count
Setting Proofing Language and Language Preferences

Lesson 4: Using Comments and Tracking

Adding a Comment
Reviewing Comments
Tracking Changes
Reviewing Changes
Comparing Documents
Combining Documents

Lesson 5: Document Information and Word Customization

Setting Word Options
Protecting a Document
Checking for Issues
Managing Versions
Working with Properties

Lesson 6: Working with Reusable Content

Saving Selection as Autotext
Inserting a Quick Part
Creating Customized Building Blocks
Editing a Building Block

Lesson 7: Working with Templates

About Templates
Modifying an Existing Template
Creating a New Template
Applying a Template to an Existing Document
Managing Template Styles

Lesson 8: Sections and Linked Content

Using Sections
Customizing Page Numbers in Sections
Using Multiple Page Formats in a Document
Using Different Headers and Footers in a Document
Linking and Breaking Links for Text Boxes

Lesson 9: Managing Versions and Tracking Documents

Merging Different Versions of a Document
Tracking Comments in a Combined Document
Reviewing Comments in a Combined Document

Lesson 10: Working with Mail Merges

Creating a Mail Merge
Sending Personalized Email Messages to Multiple Recipients
Using Other Data Sources for Mail Merge
Creating Labels
Creating Envelope and Label Forms

Lesson 11: Working with Master Documents

Creating a Master Document
Inserting a Subdocument
Creating a Subdocument
Expanding and Collapsing Subdocuments
Unlinking a Subdocument
Merging and Splitting Subdocuments
Locking a Master Document

Lesson 12: Working with Macros

Recording a Macro
Running a Macro
Applying Macro Security
Assigning a Macro to a Button or Key


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