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What is Microsoft Project?

Microsoft Project is used by project managers the world over to deliver projects on time and within budget. The application is designed to develop plans, assign resources to tasks, track progress, manage budgets and analyze workloads. This is crucial in any business, and allows you and your staff to manage time, tasks and budgets for clients and on projects.

Onsite Microsoft Project Training with Training Performance

We have a team of certified MS Project trainers who travel across the US delivering top-notch Project training right to your location. By coming directly to you we cater to your schedule and your needs, providing a personalized service that is both affordable and convenient for you and your staff. Onsite Microsoft training is a hassle-free learning experience and is beneficial to any company.

Give your Team the Project Skills they need

If you have already invested in Microsoft Project it makes sense to give your team the skills to really understand all of the functionality available. With our onsite Microsoft Project Training, your staff will be fully equipped to use Project to the best of their ability, fully utilizing the software you’re paying for. Empowering your team and providing hands-on training will really boost their performance and results, and your staff are sure to appreciate it.

Onsite Project training from Training Performance is an excellent investment in your staff and their performance. Obtain pricing today - it is much more affordable than you think.

Project 2016 Level 1
1 day | Windows | Mac
9.00am to 4.30pm
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Course Description

The class begins with an introductory look at starting a project and exploring the Project Interface, before you learn to work with project calendars, tasks, resources, and deliver a project plan. The class covers new features in Project 2016 such as multiple timelines, improved scheduling of resources, and the natural-language help feature, called Tell Me.


No prior experience of Microsoft Project is needed. General proficiency with Windows.

Target Audience

Aimed at new users of Project.

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Lesson 1: Starting a Project

Project Management Processes
Project Management Knowledge Areas
Triple Constraint
Project Sponsors and Stakeholders
The Start Screen
Methods for Creating New Projects

Lesson 2: Project Interface

Gantt Chart View
The View Bar
The Project Interface
The Ribbon Interface
The Quick Access Toolbar
The Status Bar
The Timeline
Getting Help with Tell Me

Lesson 3: Overview of Main Features

Project Tasks
Manually Scheduled vs. Auto Scheduled Tasks
Task Information Dialog Box
Task Durations & Task Links
Inactivating Tasks
Project Resources
Resource Sheet View
Resource Information Dialog Box
Types of Resources & Resource Pools
Save Options

Lesson 4: Working with Project Calendars

The Project Information Dialog Box
Project Start and Finish Dates
Current Date
Base Calendars
The Change Working Time Dialog Box
The Legend
Working vs. Nonworking Times
Exception Recurrence

Lesson 5: Working with Project Tasks

Task Information Dialog Box
General Task Information
Task Predecessors
Resources to Accomplish Tasks
Advanced Task Information
Task Constraints
Task Notes
Summary Tasks and Subtasks
Project Summary Task
Outline Numbers
Task Milestones

Lesson 6: Working with Project Resources

Resource Information Dialog Box
General Resource Information
Resource Costs
Resource Notes
Team Planner
Managing Unassigned Tasks
Resource Allocation and OverAllocation
Leveling Resources
Changing and Removing Assigned Resources
Replacing Resources

Lesson 7: Delivering a Project Plan

Prepare a View for Printing
Printing Options
Share Category of Backstage View
Sync with SharePoint
E-Mailing a Project
Export Category of Backstage View
Exporting Options

Project 2016 Level 2
1 day | Windows | Mac
9.00am to 4.30pm
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Course Description

This Advanced Project class will take your knowledge to the next level. Students will learn how to link projects, work with resource pools, baseline a project, work with advanced tasks, create a network diagram, manage a critical path, analyze earned value, setup custom views, run custom reports and much more.


Project Level 1 or equivalent experience

Target Audience

Aimed at existing users of Project.

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Lesson 1: Managing the Project Environment

Link Projects
Create and Use Resource Pools
Baseline a Project
Work with Custom Fields
Lookup Tables
Graphical Indicators
Change Project Options
Extend Project with Apps

Lesson 2: Managing Task Structures

Insert/Split/Delete/Move/Unlink/Relink Tasks
Create a Network Diagram
Adding Nodes and Links
Milestones and Summary Notes
Manage the Critical Path
Use Lag and Lead
Update Project Work
Marking Tasks on Track
Updating Work Completed
Earned Value Report and Tables

Lesson 3: Generating Project Views

Use View Commands
Filtering/ Grouping Data
Use Existing Views
Create Custom Views
Format and Share the Timeline View
Adding and Removing Tasks
Creating Multiple Timelines
Formatting the Timeline
Sharing the Timeline

Lesson 4: Producing Project Reports

Use Existing Reports
Dashboard/Resource/Cost/In Progress Reports
Create Custom Reports
Report Design Commands
Chart Design Commands
Chart Types
Table Design Commands
The Field List
Hyperlinks in Reports
Export Visual Reports
Excel PivotCharts
Visual Reports Dialog Box Options

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I really appreciate the in depth knowledge and working understanding that Pat has of Microsoft Project. His methods of imparting the knowledge to me was paced properly, in depth and detailed with out ever losing me. Truly one of the very best instructors I have taken a class from.

Debra Karas - McCain Foods Inc., USA

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We provide onsite Excel training right across the country, including:

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